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and that breaking news is happening tonight in fairfield where a massive fire has been burning. sky 7hd flew over the scene as flames tore through a popular comedy club. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. dan ashley has the night off. this fire began just before
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7:00 tonight at the original pepper belly's come tee club in fairfield. ama dates is there live with the latest. >> carolyn, take a look behind me and you can see how many firecrews are still out here four hours after the first call came in. a lot of the firecrews have left, but there are many on scene. the comedy and variety theater is on the corner of texas street. take a look at what it looked like earlier when the fire first broke out. sky 7hd is high above the scene. the flames went through the roof. they have been able to contain the fire to just that building. when we got here it was burning so hot they could not stay. they had to go outside and fight this fire defensively. five alarms, several firecrews from napa and solano county came out to battle the blaze. right now crews are just wrapping up. >> we are going to keep the
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company out here for the rest of the night. we are going have the investigation team come in in the morning which is the normal protocol. we have no leads as far as anything being suspicious as far as how the fire started. it is a five-alarm fire. >> reporter: five alarms and they had anywhere from 90 to a hundred firefighters out here working this. when the fire first broke out there were some employees and customers inside. however, police were able to get them out safely. no injuries to anyone in the building and no injuries to any firefighters either. this fire broke out before 7:00 and it is now out. firefighters are staying on scene and no word what caused this blaze in the comedy theater. in fairfield, ama dates, abc7 news. >> thank you. now to a developing story out of oakland. the police officer shot, he is the second officer wounded this week in the line of duty. the officer hit tonight was shot in the leg in the fruit valley district. an undercover officer was shot
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a mile uh hua. alan wang is live in oakland with more on this developing story. alan? >> reporter: this started out as a two-car collision, but a witness says a driver who ran a stop sign took off down the street here and that's where police got involved in a gunbattle. >> police say the camero ran a stop sign and was broadsided near east 12th street and 47th avenue. witnesses say the driver of the camero didn't have any id and he was behaving erratically. he tried and failed to open the door of the passing car and left the scene on foot. >> the officery heard several gunshots. >> the two officers left the crash scene and headed toward the gunshots. they were confronted by a gunman who shot one officer in the leg and then ran away. police caught up with him two blocks away. >> one officer fired his
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weapon at the suspect. they did not hit him. the suspect immediately surrendered and dropped the gun and was taken into custody. >> a witness says the initial gunfire happened when a man matching the description of the hit and run driver shot at him after he refused to let the man take his bike. >> and still have the audacity to shoot at one of our officers tells the level we are dealing with. we are doing everything in our power to put an end to this. >> the police chief says she determined to end this wave of violence by sending a clear message. he will be working to make sure the criminals get the maximum sentence possible. live in oakland, alan wang, abc7 news. >> thank you. breaking news in palo alto tonight where a woman was struck and killed by a car. sky 7hd was over the scene
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shortly after the accident. the woman in her 70s was hit on embarcadero road. she died at an area hospital. the driver is cooperating with the investigation. new at 11:00, a hazing scandal at a vallejo high school. five expelled and a coach fired. sergio quintana where he just finished speaking with that coach tonight. >> reporter: well, this all started before saint patrick and saint vincent catholic high school went on christmas vacation. the former varsity coach said he overheard some junior varsity students say that the junior varsity coach was allowing varsity students to haze them. the students describe lewd actions and a few upper class men inflicted on the under class men. when they reported the behavior to the junior varsity head coach he told them it was not his problem. he says he first contacted
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child protective services about the allegations and then wrote a memo to the principal and presented it to her as a former new york state police officer. he also offered to help with the investigation of the allegations. he was surprised that he was fired over the incident today. >> as varsity head coach i am being held accountable for the actions of the varsity players against the jv kids. nobody is holding accountable the jv coach for protecting the jv kids from this happening. >> reporter: a school spokesman says the principal dismissed him because he was responsible for supervising the students at the time the hazing took place. five students were expelled for their behavior and six students were interviewed as victims of the hazing, and their parents were notified. the school spokesman says police were notified, but no arrests were made. >> the students here are absolutely forbidden to engage in bullying tactics of all kind.
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it was a cut and dry situation when that happened. we need to create a safe environment and that's what we are going to do. >> reporter: he is also a physical education teacher at that school in vaw vallejo. he was dismissed from that position as well. he tells me he is being used as a scapegoat in this situation. reporting live in petaluma, abc7 news. >> thank you, sergio. developing news, doctors are treating a blood clot they say could have killed brian stoa. stowe was the giants fan who suffered brain damage after being beaten. he is now receiving injections to help dissolve the close in his thigh and pelvis. the family's website reports that doctors are surprised the clot wasn't fatal because of its size and severity. fundraisers for stowe continue. this one last night in redwood city. the giants' third base coach tim flannery's band is
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donating proceeds raised for stowe's family. the district attorney announced that michael crabtree will not face sexual assault charges. the allegations stemmed from an encounter with a woman two weeks ago after the playoff win over green bay. the d.a. determined there was not enough evidence to prosecute crabtree. the super bowl-browned 49ers say, quote, michael and the team can now put this behind us and move forward. certainly a beautiful day around the bay area, but a cool down is on the way. spencer christian is in for sandhya patel with our first look at doppler 7hd. >> all right, carolyn. we are precipitation free, and we actually don't have much cloud cover here tonight. the current readings are on the mild side and in the mid50s. here is what we can look forward to. there is a slight chance of an isolated shower or two mainly in the north bay. but for the most part, dry
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overnight and low temperatures in the midto upper 40s. it is not going to be a cold overnight, but a chilly weekend. the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. carolyn? >> spencer, thank you. new at 11:00, berkeley police are warning against a hoax that plays on people's good nature and costs them their cell phones. officers tell us there have been a rash of recent thefts. someone comes up to you and asks to use your cell phone because a family member is sick. when you hand it over they take off on foot or in a car. new at 11:00, japan airways canceled flights between san jose and tokyo because of on going problems with the boeing 787 dreamliner. sky 7hd captured the first flight between tokyo and silicon valley earlier this month, but since then they grounded the jumbo jets after a series of problems. it was mainly center erred -- centered around fires. boeing says the 787 is safe, but it is being checked out by aviation authorities
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worldwide. we got our first look at a fender. they are made of wood, steal and plastic and wrap around the base to protect against collisions. the crews tore off the damaged pieces and then placed them on a barge. the repair work will take about four and a half months to complete and costs up to $3 million. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, the fan frenzy is on as the count down to the super bowl continues. coming up, the fan who has been to every 49er super bowl and why this year he may have to break that streak. and taking revenge on so-called revenge porn websites. a lawsuit against the x rated site that putting up photos of women without their permission, and why these women could face an uphill battle. and the unusual new direction apple could be heading. the new product that could help you put your best foot forward. and then later on jimmy kimmle -- >> thanks, tonight from
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lawsuit filed against women in a website showing expolice sigh -- explicit pictures is doomed to fail. it is hosted by go, and it is what is known as a revenge website. jilted men post nude pictures of their exes. congress passed a law years ago saying the only people -the people who post-it.nt are a santa clara law professor believes it will soon fail. >> we have seen a number of websites that have tried to gather and disseminate a distasteful content.
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the market place dried them out after they make an initial splash. >> and here is something you probably know. professor goldman recommends not sharing nude pictures of yourself because you have no control over where they will end up. another silicon valley shake up. the chief operating officer of the mobile payment company square has resigned over sexual harassment. in a blog post he said he resigned because he believed the issue would hurt the company. square released a statement saying he exercised poor judgment. apple is moving from smart phones to smart shoes. according to the website apple insider they filed a patent for technology that will avert owners when their shoes need to be in place. it will beep or flash when the shoe needs to be tossed. well they lucked out in a special lottery. today a group of 49er fans picked up their super bowl tickets. >> i'm pumped.
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i got my tickets! >> he is pumped, but he also told us he has no idea how he will get to new orleans for the super bowl. the season ticket holders arrived at candlestick today not knowing how much they would have to pay for their tickets or even where they would sit in the superdome. >> all of my friends are telling me have i to go i have to go. it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. screw it. i am a 9er fan. i am going. >> michael paid $1900 for his two tickets. keep in mind he still needs to pay for air fare, a hotel room and meals during his super adventure. this long-time 49er fan hopes to join the lottery winners. he attended each of the five previous super bowls starting with the 1981 season. but he wasn't chosen in this year's season ticket holder lottery. it was much easier for fans to get tickets a generation ago. >> we were able to get
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tickets, the first two, and then the next two we had to go with the travel agency because we didn't get picked. >> he lucked out and got a ticket to the last super bowl in 1995. the first super bowl ticket cost just $40. paying at least $5,000 for a ticket through a broker this time he is beyond his budget. abc7 news has an entire team head together super bowl. former 49er mike shumann will be there sporting his own super bowl ring. wayne freedman and katie marzoulo will bring you the best coverage. we will be tweeting the behind the scenes update at abc7 news bay area. meteorologist sandhya patel is off tonight, but spencer christian is here with a look at our weekend forecast. >> we will start with live doppler hd. we do have high clouds and we don't have rain showing up on the radar at the moment. the temperatures are generally in the low to mid50s and it
12:19 am
is relatively mild. it will be a partly to mostly cloudy night. there is a chance of an isolated shower or two. turning cooler tomorrow and the cool and dry pattern will last into next week. let's look at our projected overnight lows. notice the green in our viewing area. there is the better chance of a shower or two and then over the remainder of the bay area. for the most part we are saying not much chance of showers, but if they occur they will be up north. low temperatures in the midto upper 40s overnight. cooler in parts of the north bay where we may see low 40s. the satellite image shows the atmospheric is at play. a weak cold front is bringing us clouds. there is not much moisture in our system and that means the chance of rainfall or shower activity is rather slim. coming behind the frontal system a mass of cold air around the gulf of alaska. that will bring us the big changing and dropping our weekend temperatures bea low normal. they will stay below normal for several days.
12:20 am
tomorrow a pleasant day. partly sunny. high temperatures in the midto upper 50s. sift 7 in san jose. 58 at campbell. on the peninsula mid50s, 56 this san mateo and 57 in redwood city. we will see low to mid50s on the coast and pacifica 53 tomorrow. 55 at half moon bay. in and around san francisco mid50s tomorrow. 55 downtown and 54 in the sunset district. up in the north bay, pretty much narrow range of mid50s. 55 petaluma and 56 sonoma. slightly milder at napa with a high of 58. on the near east bay look for highs of 58 in oakland, castro valley. san leandro, 56. inland east bay it will be slow to warm up. highs just barely reaching the mid50s there. 56 at concord, danville and pleasanton and livermore. 54 at brentwood 57 in watsonville and santa cruz and farther inland 58 in gilroy
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and hollis store and -- hollister and 59 in salinas. here is the seven-day forecast, the pattern holds steady for the first four days of t forecast period. temperatures in the mid50s through tuesday and little chance of rain. the best chance of a shower is this overnight period as the front passes through, and then dry weather through most all of next week. the high temperatures climbing back to 60 degree bise thursday. we will get a slight warm up by the end of the week. the next four days, a little on the cool side. of course everyone is talking 49ers. there is a little concern about the kicker. >> a little? the niners kicker talking about his puzzling season, and what is better, the shot or what is better, the shot or the celebration? hey! hey honey! hey alan. uh, hey.... i'm bob, we talked at the tax store. i did your taxes. i thought you were a tax expert?
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if super bowl xlvii comes down to a david acres field goal, can he make it? can he have confidence in his kicker? he missed 14 of his past 48
12:25 am
attempts in the championship game. he hit the goalpost on a 38-yard try. he admits the struggles was a head scratcher. if you can't even understand it it -- if you can't say it. ironically the coach who might know him best is john harbaugh. he was the position coach for eight years in philly. >> john is a great special teams guy and knows a lot about kicking. probably knows a lot about me. for me i am just going to go into this looking positive and forgetting the fact of 2012 and looking forward to good things in 2013. >> it is a head-straction. colin caber nick has become an instant -- colin kaepernick has become an instant star while you have flacco not considered an elite qb.
12:26 am
he has thrown eight touchdowns touchdowns and zero picks in the playoffs, but it seems no matter what he does it is never enough. >> i really don't care. there are guys who have to make a living. if that is going to be us and if that is going to be me i plan on being around for awhile. if you want to continue to do it, i will be here. >> the warriors opened a road trip and it was an eke warrior who helped them. now with the bulls and david lee off the allstar selection. he played like an allstar six of seven from downtown and had a game high 25. are warriors scored only 13 points in the first quarter. it did not get better. look at nate with the off balance bank shot. he lead the warriors, but you won't win too many games from the floor. the bulls opened it up as big as 26. richard hamilton to butler. 107-83 and the warriors in treeing tomorrow face monty
12:27 am
ellis and the bucks. a great scene in miami. a fan makes a hook shot at half court at half time. they went look ut on it is -- look out it is lebron. the shot is great, but the reaction is even better. lebron james was so excited for this guy. he came swooping in and enveloped him with a bear hug. who is your new best friend? it is lebron james. you just won $75,000. 245 is good stuff. abc7 sports is brought to you by river rock casino. yes, lebron offering free chiropractic care. >> it looked like his knees were going to buckle. what a shot. very cool. automobiles take flight. we will show you the new car that is turning science
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